1. Renting a Scooter

This was one of the best things we did. We rented a scooter for four days and had an absolute blast! We loved having the fresh air at our backs as we soaked up all of the incredible views around the island. We also were able to get around to visit best locations on the island that we wouldn’t have been able to if we hadn’t rented a scooter. It was also super easy to rent the day of and was reasonably priced. We walked around to numerous scooter rental places on the main street and most of them were charging around $30 a day. Eventually, we found a scooter rental on a side street and bargained a four day rental for $20 each day! 

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2. Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki

One morning Ryan convinced me to wake up for sunrise. It actually wasn’t too bad since sunrise was around 7am. Usually, this is way bigger of a struggle for me when sunrise is a lot earlier. We rode the scooter in the crisp morning darkness until we reached Ahu Tongariki. Although we weren’t the only ones who thought of this brilliant idea, we still thought this was totally worth it. It sprinkled a bit on us at the beginning, but we ended up having a beautiful sunrise anyway + there was also a rainbow that encompassed Rano Raraku behind us! We drove to another spot to enjoy mate and breakfast, and chilled at the beach for the rest of the day. Totally worth it - even if you’re not a morning person like me.

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3. Beaching it up (at Anakena + Ovahe)

I loved Anakena beach! It was the perfect spot to post up and read my book while soaking up the sun’s rays and work on my island tan. There were coconut trees lining the path that led to this beach and provided shade when you needed to hide from the sun rays (an extra plus in my book!). Even though it’s one of the only ocean accessible beaches on the island (there are always going to be people there), there’s actually a ton of space at this beach. You can admire the maoai (ancient statues), picnic in the grass area, read a good book while laying in the sand, play in the crystal clear blue water, or hang out at the restaurants at the entrance. This area also has a lot of significance because it's the first place that the first Polynesian canoe paddlers arrived on the island, and the ancient King + Queen setup their homes here.

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Ryan’s favorite beach was Ovahe - not far at all from Anakena. He absolutely loved exploring around this beach, snorkeling, and of course taking tons of pictures. This beach area is way less crowded and is a serious stunner just to look at. It doesn’t have any sand to lay on, but you can definitely lay up on the top of the cliff while you’re significant other goes and explores around. Definitely check it out if you’re heading to Anakena anyway! 

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4. All the Wild Horses

Ryan and I can both confidently say we have never in our lives seen so many wild horses in one place. We were simply amazed and mesmerized by these creatures running so freely in their natural habitat!

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5. Picnic Dinners Watching Sunset (preferably with a bottle of wine and/or beer!)

One of our favorite activities was making picnic dinners and enjoying the sunset as we ate. One of our favorites was making tacos, sipping on El Sol’s, and watching the sunset as the horses grazed all around us. 

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6. Hiking to see the Moai

Ryan and I loved visiting the moai (large oversized stone statues) all around the island. There are various hikes you can do to see different ones. However, you can simply be anywhere on the island and see them! There are over 800 statues - so cool!

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