Golden Hour Adventure Session with Chelsea + Brandon on the Cliffs of Big Island, HI


While we were chatting with Chelsea and Brandon before their shoot, we found out a more about their relationship and absolutely love their story. Chelsea + Brandon met as they participated in a discipleship training school in Kona, Hawaii. Just three months after they met, Chelsea was called to be a missionary in Cambodia for six months. 

Before Chelsea left, she wanted some type of commitment from Brandon so she would know that he was actually serious about pursuing her heart. He gave her his word and promised to stay in contact regularly while she was away and pick things back up when she got back. 

During those months, she said she was so impressed how much Brandon actually kept in contact with her and she said they talked regularly. At the end of Chelsea's six month commitment, she was asked to stay three more months in Cambodia. She said it was one of the hardest decisions she had to make to stay because she so badly wanted to be with Brandon and see where their relationship might go. However, she listened to God's will for her at that time and felt it was best to stay another three months.

When Brandon found out, he was saddened that Chelsea wasn't coming back right away but knew it was God's will and was totally supportive of her in making this decision. After three months, Chelsea came back to Kona and Brandon and her picked up off right where they had left. They said for those next couple weeks, they were attached to the hip.

Shortly after Chelsea got back, Brandon went off to do mission work in Nepal for a month. Although it wasn't for long, these two couldn't wait to finally come back together and develop their relationship further. At the end of Brandon's month, these two knew they wanted to be together for good. They both have finished up their discipleship training schools and are leaving the island to move to Canada (where Chelsea's family is from). We loved being able to capture their pure and genuine love story before these two left!  

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