Adventure Session with Jewell + Roger in the Valleys of the Big Island, HI


We had so much fun learning about Roger and Jewell's love story as we explored the valley with them on their adventure session with us. 

Roger and Jewell met for the first time three years ago when they both flew into Oahu for a work conference for Journeys. At this time, Roger was working for the company on Maui and Jewell on Big Island. Roger says that when he first saw Jewell step off the place, he thought she was looked like an angel.

They attended the work conference and kept things casual and light even though there was an attraction on both ends. On the last day, Jewell and Roger finally got to spend some time together, chatting, and getting to know one another. After talking for what seems like hours on their last day, they kept their conversation going even while they were on separate islands. 

After seven months of a long distance relationship, Roger decided to take the leap of faith and move to Big Island to be with Jewell. Shortly after he made it to the island, they both landed jobs with a well known resort on the island. They spent two years getting to know each other and developing their love, as well as their expertise at the resort.

Recently, both Jewell and Roger applied to the same resort company. Except this time, it is in Texas. They both landed jobs and will be heading there in just a few weeks. They are beyond thrilled to start this new chapter but were so excited to be able to capture some photos in a place they've both got to call home.