Golden Hour Couples Photo Session with Chelsea + Alex on the Summit of a Volcano, Hawai'i


I can't explain how much my heart was filled after our summit adventure session with Chelsea and Alex! We just had SO much fun hanging out with these two. We loved hearing their sweet love story, watching them keep each other warm in the cold, and seeing their fun-loving interactions during the entire shoot. 

Chelsea and Alex had the idea of going up to the top of the summit for this photo shoot. They wanted to do something a little different and weren't afraid to bear the cold for an hour session up at the top of the volcano. We couldn't contain our excitement. Any chance we get to take out our winter clothes and bundle up, we are pumped! We knew the weather was going to be clear up at the summit because honestly, Ryan checked every other hour to make sure we had amazing sunset potential.

We got to the top and avoided where most of the crowd was. It was around 40 degrees at the top, but this didn't stop Chelsea and Alex from having so much fun and making our job look easy as they posed perfectly for so many shots! Not only did we have an amazing sunset to watch, but we ended the night sipping homemade hot chocolate I made, gazing up at the clear sky filled with stars, and talking story until we were all too cold to chat anymore. 

These are the adventures that truly fill my soul up and we are so thankful for Alex and Chelsea for sharing with us their love story!