Adventure Engagement Session with Vanessa + Michael on Oahu, HI


Vanessa and Michael wanted an adventure with a view for their engagement shoot and where we explored did not disappoint. We met them on the west side of Oahu, packed our bags full of wine, cheese, and meat and headed up the mountain toward a secret cave. The hike took a total of fifteen minutes with a steep incline, and the view was unbeatable for such a quick hike up the mountain. 

We arrived to the cave in the late afternoon and waited for the sun to go down while we enjoyed the cheese and meat Vanessa and Michael packed for a sweet picnic before their shoot. As we sipped wine, we discussed everything about their love story and why they chose Oahu for their engagement session and Kauai for their wedding venue. 

Vanessa and Michael actually met through Tinder! Can you believe it?! #Tindersuccessstory at its finest! As Vanessa put it, she had heard about Michael for a year or two before they actually went out on a date. See, Vanessa and Michael are both nurses and one of Vanessa's friends tried to set Michael and Vanessa up on a date a couple years back. However, Vanessa didn't want to go on a date because, at the time, they were working at the same hospital and she didn't want to risk dating someone within her professional circle. I get you, girl! Totally understandable! 

After awhile, Vanessa caved, downloaded the Tinder app again, and swiped right when Michael's photo popped up. Their first date was a coffee date on Valentine's Day (of all days)! Micheal brought her one rose, they sipped on delicious coffee, and bonded over stories only nurses would understand. After that, Vanessa and Michael fell quickly for one another. On their second date, Michael brought Vanessa two roses (a tradition started on their first date) that continued on throughout their next several dates until he had bought over a dozen roses. 

I am beyond excited for these two love birds to finally be married in their dream venue on the island of Kauai. From our engagement shoot, I know their wedding will be pure magic! Who else loves Kauai as much as these two do?!