Adventure Session with Danielle + Robbie in Pololu Valley, the Big Island, HI


When Danielle reached out to us about an adventure session, she knew she wanted to go to Pololu Valley. Danielle knew Pololu was one place she had been dying to visit and couldn’t imagine leaving Big Island without an adventure there. You see, Robbie and Danielle moved from Ohio to Big Island because Robbie is a traveling nurse a couple months ago. They moved to Hilo in search of a new type of experience than what they had known back on the mainland. While they have enjoyed the island, they have decided to leave the island in just a few months in pursuit of other jobs on the East Coast. 

When Danielle inquired with us, she mentioned that one of the things that drew her to us was the fact that she loved to adventure like us. She showed up in a beautiful mustard colored dress paired with her hiking boots. I knew she was our type of client! After we got to know each other a bit more, we decided to head down into the valley. When we were down in the valley, Danielle asked if it would be ok if she brought her hammock for a prop for some of the photos. Ryan and I were absolutely stoked and thought it was such a creative idea! We love when our clients bring items that truly represent them. 

We had a blast adventuring down into Pololu, setting up Danielle’s hammock, and enjoying the peacefulness that emanates from the valley. It was also really special because it felt like we were the only ones down in the valley for the end of our sunset session. After the sun had set and getting sprinkled on, we decided it best to hike back up the valley to end our adventure session. We were so thrilled how these photos turned out and hope that Danielle + Robbie will cherish these memories of the island as they make their way to a new life on the mainland.