Full Day Adventurous Maui Elopement

Full Day Adventurous Maui Elopement

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Alternative Ceremony Locations for Your Maui Elopement

There are so many incredible views and locations in Maui for your elopement ceremony. We have a lot of brides and grooms reach out to us because they want an alternative and adventurous location for their ceremony that isn’t the beach. To some, this may sound really odd. Why would you come all the way to Hawaii and NOT get married on the beach? Well, for a lot of our brides and grooms, they want something a little more off the beaten path where they can escape most of the crowds on their elopement day. While we absolutely love the beach for certain ceremonies (especially for couples who elope with a few guests and don’t mind waking up bright and early for sunrise), we have also scouted multiple locations that are great alternatives for your adventurous elopement day in Maui.

Seaside Cliffs for Maui Sunrise Elopement Ceremony

For Meredith and Chris’ Maui elopement, they wanted a location that was really unique and relatively close to their accommodation since they’d be waking up for their sunrise ceremony. Ryan and I scouted some beautiful seaside cliffs on Maui’s coast for their elopement ceremony. It was incredibly beautiful and there wasn’t another soul in sight. What we always like to preface our couples with is… if they do choose a location on the cliffs, it is going to be highly likely that it will be super windy. If you and your elopement dress are good with letting your hair play in the wind, then a Maui cliffside ceremony is for you. There are some incredible views along Maui’s coast that overlook the ocean and are a beautiful place to start your day. Our couples love being able to see the sunrise as they say their vows to their partner. We love it, too because it’s such an intimate location and gives us plenty of time to adventure around near the cliffs after the ceremony.

Maui Ridge Hike for an Elopement Day Adventure

We love being able to incorporate hiking into our couples’ elopement days. This ridge hike in Maui was absolutely perfect for Meredith and Chris after their ceremony. Hiking along the ridges of the valleys allows such cool perspectives and vantage points for photos. You get to look right into the back of the valley, and it’s seriously STUNNING! This is a really great option for hikers that are comfortable with incline! If you hike regularly back home, this option is such a stunning one to include in your Maui elopement day! Meredith and Chris really wanted to incorporate green mountains into their wedding gallery, so we knew this location was a must! We had so much fun exploring this area and finding some unique locations to capture these two.

Pro-tip for hiking on your wedding day: We highly recommend hiking in regular clothes and changing at the location you hike to. It’s so much easier to hike in regular clothes, dry off a bit with a towel, and change right into your wedding attire. Especially because of how hot it is in Hawaii, we have found this to be most helpful and easiest for our eloping couples.

Hike to Secret Waterfall in Maui for Elopement

After working up a bit of a sweat, we drove to a new location where we hiked to a secret waterfall in Maui. This waterfall was a perfect addition to Meredith and Chris’ elopement day adventure. It was so much fun being able to hike in the jungle and arrive at this waterfall without anyone else around. We loved being able to simply watch and capture Meredith and Chris totally soaking up their time in this magical waterfall. They had a blast exploring this entire area and drying off in the sun because this water is definitely COLD. A lot of people don’t think the water that comes from these waterfalls is cold, but just to give you a fair warning, it definitely is! HA! I was stoked these two spent so much time in the water simply having such a good time with one another. You could tell that these two absolutely love adventure.

Elopement Photos on Top of Volcano in Maui

After our Maui waterfall adventure, Meredith and Chris took a lunch break before our sunset adventure. They had time to head back to their hotel, take showers, eat, and get dressed before we all made our way up the volcano for the most incredible sunset. We met them in a private location we had scouted (away from the majority of tourists that go up to watch the sunset) and captured the end of their elopement day. We truly explored so much of the island with these two, and we couldn’t be happier that we were the ones they chose to capture their elopement day in Maui.