How to Plan the Perfect Proposal in Hawaii

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal in Hawaii

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Step 1 — Research Photographers in the Area

The first step we suggest in finding the perfect photographer in Hawaii is by doing some research. There are so many talented photographers around the islands, and each photographer offers different packages, services, and their own unique style. Look for a photographer’s style and editing that really appeals to you. Some photographers will have a light and airy feel to the photos they edit while others will have a dark or moodier style. Make sure to note that photographers on each island specialize in different types of photography. Consider finding a photographer that specializes in couples photography and/or has shot a proposal on the island you’re planning to get engaged. Another thing to consider when searching for your ideal Hawaii photographer looking for a photography team. Having two different photographers at your proposal will allow them to capture your proposal from many different angles, so not one moment is missed.

Ways to Research for Hawaii Photographers

You can search online for Hawaii photographers by using the Google search bar. A simple search of “Hawaii Proposals”, “Hawaii Couples Photographers” or “Hawaii Adventure Photographer” is an easy way to find a photographer that you think will be the best fit for your proposal.

Another way to research is by looking at hashtags on Instagram. You can search for specific location hashtags to find photographers whose style you love. An example for researching on Instagram would be typing in “#mauiphotographer”, “#hawaiielopementphotographer”, “#hawaiiengagement”, or phrases like“#bigislandproposal”. Any of these terms will bring you to photos that many different photographers have taken from a variety of Hawaii sessions. After you find a certain style and photo you like, check out that photographer’s Instagram page and website. You can look to see which island they’re based on and if they travel to different islands for photography sessions. Helpful hint: Even if a photographer is based on one island, they are usually willing to travel to other islands, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a photographer based on Maui even if you are planning to propose on Oahu. 

Step 2: Contact the Photographer as Soon as Possible to Confirm Date

One of the biggest pitfalls we see in proposal planning is failing to reach out soon enough to a photographer. If you are thinking of proposing to your fiance on your trip to Hawaii, go ahead and reach out to a photographer you love! The reason for reaching out to your photographer as soon as possible is because you want to make sure they’re available to shoot your proposal. Many photographers will only accept bookings a few months out, so make sure to start your search early. Another reason for reaching out early is because you want to make sure you have a convincing plan set up for your big moment. Trust us, photographers want to help you as much as possible with setting up this moment exactly how you’ve always imagined it. Your fiance will appreciate it, too!

Step 3: Bring Your Proposal Ideas to the Planning Process

Once you have booked with the photographer of your dreams, you will most likely start the planning process next! And, guess what?! You should 100% bring your own unique and personal ideas to the planning process! Photographers want to help you make this experience perfect for you and your partner and that means incorporating personal touches to your big moment. Think about what would make this day even more special to your fiance!

Questions that Will Help You with Proposal Ideas

Do you have a favorite song you’d like to dance after you propose? 

Would your fiance have fun popping a bottle of champagne and celebrating afterward? 

Does your fiance love food and picnics? Setting up a picnic on the beach to enjoy dinner after you propose is such a beautiful way to end such an incredible day.

Or do you think your fiance would enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant after your proposal? 

Photographers who are familiar with the different islands are also familiar with the best food on the island. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer for suggestions!

Setting Up a Plan for Your Proposal

There are several different ways to go about planning your proposal to make sure your fiance doesn’t find out about it. We’ve had several of our past clients approach proposals in totally different ways. Here are the most common ways of setting up a proposal

Book an Adventure Session

Some of our clients in the past have booked an adventure session for their fiance without telling them. This way, our client is able to communicate with us directly and we get to help them plan the entire day via email communication and phone calls. We have had clients in the past tell their fiance that we are “tour guides.” We pretend to be tour guides taking them on an adventure to different locations throughout the island. However, we have a secret plan set in place to capture the ideal moment and lighting for the proposal. We often have que or secret code word that lets the photographer know when the moment is right. We have also had the girl book an adventure session with us just because she wanted epic photos for her and her boyfriend’s time in Hawaii. What she didn’t know was that her boyfriend reached out to us with a different e-mail to set up the surprise proposal during the adventure session. See photos below for that exact proposal!

Plan for a Dinner Date

Other clients that we have worked with have planned a nice dinner date for their fiance. This way, your fiance is dressed up for the dinner date and will also have a beautiful outfit in the photos. Before you go out to dinner, the photographer could be waiting in a specific location to be able to capture your amazing moment. Again, you can plan out specific details with your photographer on how this will be set up as soon as you book with them.

Surprise the Photographer and Your Fiance

We have even had clients totally surprise us and their fiance with a proposal before. We enjoy this in the fact that we are capturing truly authentic and candid moments. But, we also LOVE helping you plan the perfect spot for you to propose so that we can capture the moment in the most ideal lighting and framing situations! It’s totally up to you, but we definitely recommend chatting with your photographer so that they can help you as much as possible with the planning.