Maui Elopement with Christina and Zach

Maui Elopement with Christina and Zach

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Sunrise Maui Elopement

We woke up before sunrise to make sure we had the best lighting and most privacy for Christina and Zach’s elopement. After having to cancel their original wedding twice, Christina and Zack’s perspective started to shift about what they truly wanted for their wedding day. They realized during the entire planning process that what was most important was each other. Although they wished their family and friends could be there, they knew they wanted their day to be a beautiful and intimate reflection of their relationship with just the two of them.⁣

We really love witnessing how each couple makes an elopement their own. Christina and Zack had a playlist with all their favorite songs playing during the entire morning. Each song they chose meant something to them, and it was so sweet watching them sing together as they meandered throughout all the different areas of the locations we’ve visited.⁣

They sipped champagne, sat on cliffs, and watched the massive waves crash on the edge of the cliffs. They even made the call to stay longer at the location we were at so that they could fully sink into their day. It allowed them to be fully present, and it was incredible to see them so lost in the moment with one another. I couldn’t imagine their day any other way.